Fino Launches its New Website

We invite you to explore Fino’s new website and online pinning system that has been designed to provide you with the very best user experience on all browsers and platforms, complete with new and improved navigation, fresh content and functionality.

Fino and Zheta International’s working relationship goes all the way back to 2007, and late in 2016 the directors and Zheta sat down and began conceptualising their fourth collaborative website project. The new website concept would focus on the latest web technologies, insights into user experience and user interfaces to create a superior experience and a stunning visual appeal, targeting both a young and mature audience.

Fino’s new website showcases over 900 items of furniture, with richer content that is able to be shared effortlessly and is easy to navigate. On the website users can also keep up to date with the company’s monthly promotions, offers and showroom events.

The website also includes its own fully customised Pin System, aimed at providing inspiration and partnership with Malta’s growing sector of interior designers, architects and real estate experts. The Pin System allowing users to create idea boards of Fino’s products, and is the perfect source of ideas for your next home improvement or interior design project.

The new website and Pin System were launched in March of 2016 and it has already received very positive feedback and the website statistics show positive growth.

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