Company Profile

We specialise in helping businesses reach new heights through a deeply personalised hands-on approach.

Zheta International is a boutique creative agency specialising in websites based in Malta the centre of the Euro-Mediterranean area. Since our conception in 2005, we have gained a reputation for exceptional creativity, high-quality design and tailor-made service. It is these attributes that have naturally led us towards the enviable client list we have today. An ambitious studio which has moved from strength to strength to work for clients on a wide range of businesses and industries.

Through a combination of personal attention, know-how, and a passion for unique, creative design, we provide eye-catching, client-tailored visual solutions designed to build your website to make your business stand out from the crowd. We are not simply designers that want things to look good—our goal is to create a beautiful design that works to better your business.

Our style is minimal and creative, geared to help you create the perfect reflection of your business. We work with a limited client list so we can offer highly personalised service and focus on the creative aspects. We collaborate directly with our clients to discover the utmost essence of a business and develop websites incorporating their core values.

We admire and strive to form long-lasting relationships with our clients.